Internet Marketing Success: Building Credibility

The success of your Internet business will depend on whether or not your prospects perceive you and your website(s) as being credible.  If your prospects think you lack credibility, it will be next to impossible to sell them anything.  And of course, if no one purchases what you offer, your business cannot succeed.

If your visitors view you as credible, they will:

  • Trust you which means they will be more willing to purchase what you recommend;
  • Recommend you and your products to their friends and associates;
  • Listen to you as they will perceive you as an expert in your niche;
  • Be more willing to give you a testimonial.

Studies have shown that most visitors to your website will rate your credibility according to how your site looks. According to BJ Fogg, the world’s leading researcher on web credibility, web credibility is about setting up your website so that your visitors view it as being both trustworthy and knowledgeable.

  1. Show your visitors that you are a real person.  Provide information on how they can EASILY contact you, include an “About Me” page with a picture and a short bio about you, show an image of your product on your sales page, include a picture of your office if it is outside your home and include pictures of your staff if you have any.
  2. Provide links to your Terms of Service, Privacy Statement, Earnings Disclaimer, etc. You may also want to include a FAQ page that answers questions your visitors may have about you, your product, and your business.
  3. Have 3rd party backup for any statements you may make such as a statement of how you helped X amount of people achieve success.  Placing testimonials on your sales page is an easy way to achieve this.  Back up every statement you make on your sales page.  If you say you made X amount of money by using a certain technique, software, or product, show images of your bank statements or Paypal account.
  4. Check your site at least once per week for broken links.  If you have broken links on your site, your visitors will think that your website is not well maintained.
  5. Be sure there are no errors on your site, including spelling and grammar errors.  Even one small error can make your site less credible in the eyes of your visitors.
  6. Studies have proven that the most important criteria of Web credibility is the way the website looks so make sure your website is professional looking. If you are not very good at creating graphics, outsource their creation. Nothing looks more amateurish or unprofessional than poorly designed graphics.

Of course, you must also constantly work at maintaining your credibility. You do that by:

  • Only promoting products that you have personally used or thoroughly reviewed;
  • Never recommending something just for the commission;
  • Producing quality products;
  • Always overdelivering;
  • Never misrepresenting anything to your prospects and customers;
  • Always doing what you say you will do;
  • Answering any support questions promptly;
  • Providing your contact information;
  • Never being rude no matter the provocation;
  • Always being consistent;
  • Standing behind your word;
  • Promptly delivering your products;
  • Standing behind your guarantees;
  • Providing the best customer support possible.

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