What Is An Entrepreneur?

An entrepreneur is a person who is willing to take upon her or himself a new idea, venture or enterprise and accept responsibility for the inherent risks and the outcome. Basically this means getting off of the couch and doing something rather than just dreaming about it.

Most people don’t realize how hard it is to be an entrepreneur and are therefore not prepared for what being an entrepreneur entails. Because of this, not all individuals who start an Internet business can achieve success. Even if you have the capital to finance an Internet business, there is no guarantee you will make a profit.

First, you must be able to work alone. If you’re an entrepreneur, you are self-employed and must have the discipline to work without a higher authority telling you what needs to be done.

According to many experts who have studied a number of entrepreneurs, if you can think like an entrepreneur you will have a high chance of succeeding in any form of business.

An entrepreneur is:

  • Optimistic – An entrepreneur must look at things in a positive way regardless of the circumstances.
  • Assertive – An entrepreneur must take charge and be able to handle any situation no matter how difficult.
  • Creative – An entrepreneur must be able to think outside the box and expand his/her mind through research and collection of data.
  • Stable – An entrepreneur must have a stable emotional and physical life which will ensure s/he can handle tough situations during tough times.
  • Charismatic – A good entrepreneur should be capable of using his/her charm, rather than just speech or logic alone, to interact with others in a personal and direct manner, and effectively communicate an argument or concept to them.
  • Risk-taker – An entrepreneur should not be afraid of taking chances when opportunity strikes.
  • Energetic – An entrepreneur must be willing to do whatever it takes to reach his/her goal no matter what. His/her drive must always be at its highest level as being an entrepreneur means working many long hours.
  • Enthusiastic – An entrepreneur should have a passion to prevail.

One of a potential entrepreneur’s greatest downfalls is being conventional. Think big. Don’t be afraid to take risks. Take action. Make your business dreams come true.

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