Good Website Design

Since users surf the Internet in order to find information, a good website design supplies a quick and convenient way for them to easily find the content they are searching for. While no single design is the “Perfect Website Design”, good website designs contain the same simple elements. A good design should include informative content, an easy to use navigation system, a simple layout, and fast loading pages.

No matter what your product or service, visitors to your website are seeking information. That information could be facts about a new product, solutions to a problem, learning new skills,  information on a particular subject, and so on. To satisfy your visitors, your website should provide concise, quality information that is easily obtainable. If your visitors can’t easily find what they are searching for, they are likely to seek it elsewhere.

The average user on the Internet will visit a website seven times before they decide to buy the product. If you provide free, high quality information, your visitor will be more likely to return to your site. This information could be as simple as stating the benefits of a product on a mini-site to numerous articles included on a content site.

Some experts say that 90 – 95% of your site should be dedicated to free content with the remainder used for product sales while others say there should be little to no free content. The nature of your website should determine what philosophy you follow. In either case, always include your keywords in any articles that you write and/or information that you provide.

The Great Infopreneur Hoax

It’s the great infopreneur hoax. And exposing it will become your competitive edge! You see, you’ve fallen victim to a massive hoax. A myth that has fooled thousands of eager information marketers and led them astray. Lies that greedy sellers of ‘how to’ guides like to tell, so that you’ll just keep on buying more and more of their stuff. But let’s cut through the BS – and talk about what information marketing is really about.

The 4 Laws For Finding Profitable Niches

These are closely guarded infopreneur success secrets. You know that infopreneurs care deeply about the people they set out to serve. They seek to understand and investigate the problems their audiences face. And they try and find (or create) solutions, and bring them to their prospects. In the process, they also profit fairly. But who is their market? Here’s how to find out.

Startup Consultancy To Help Small Business Market Online

Thinking about providing consultancy services to help small business market online? There has been much hype and many training courses offered recently on the internet, generally saying it’s all VERY easy and profitable. Well, Kevin Brown and his business partner have created their own startup consultancy, contacted “brick and mortar” local businesses and tried it! Find out here, how they got started and whether the business model works or not.

2 Responses to Good Website Design

  1. CarolSmith says:

    My website is 90% free content. I side with the marketers who say that visitors are coming to your site for information. It is your job to keep them there long enough to see what you have for sale.