Website Design Tips

There are many different ways to design a website but you should follow some basics when designing your site. Here are some design tips arranged by category.

You’ll want everything on your website to be self evident. Here are some suggestions:
1. The home page looks like the starting page of your website and is an introduction to your site.
2. The hyperlinks are blue and are underlined.
3. The buttons look like buttons, appear 3 dimensional, and are clearly labeled.
4. The navigation links are clearly marked and are easy to find.
5. The user will always know where they are because each page has a title and headline along with navigation links.
6. Your links follow a logical order. Ex: The payment link is evident and is linked to your payment processor which is linked to your thank you/download page.
7. You only use universally recognized icons such as a house symbol to represent your home page.
8. Your site is easy to use and requires minimal instructions.

You’ll also want to clearly define areas. Here are some suggestions.
1. Have all of your content together. For example, don’t have a paragraph of content, then an ad, then another paragraph of content, then another ad, etc. If you do include ads within your content, make them blocks of ads, not individual ones.
2. If you have a large website, locate your links for specific pages or content on the left (or right) side with links to your main categories at the top of your page. (It’s a good idea to use a different background color so that your navigational links are apparent.)
3. Place any advertisements on the sides or bottom of the page. If you need to place a few ads at the top of your page, surround them with a border and make sure your headline is still visible “above the fold”. If you place ads on the left side, make sure they start at least one line BELOW your main content or headline. If you wish, include a block of ads in the middle of your content, especially if your website is geared towards ad revenue.
4. Cluster any testimonials after your product description.
5. Links to a company information or contact page with all your business information (business or company name, address, phone number, email address, website address, etc.) is located at the bottom of EVERY page.
6. Links to your Privacy statement, Terms of Service, Disclaimer, and other legal information pages should be at the bottom of every page.

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2 Responses to Website Design Tips

  1. CarolSmith says:

    I use WordPress for my “website” but it is incredible how many of these suggestions can be applied there also.

    “1. The home page looks like the starting page of your website and is an introduction to your site.”

    Have been considering a static front page to help on this. Just not sure. Anyone have an opinion?


  2. admin says:

    Hi Carol

    Yes most of these tips are for an HTML webpage but I also use WP for many of my content sites. What I do is make a post and ‘stick’ it. That way my other 4 posts ( I limit to 5 posts per page) will still show up on the first page and therefore intice my visitors to explore.

    I will be posting suggestions for design tips for WP sites in the future. 🙂