Website Design Mistakes

You’ll want to avoid these home page mistakes.
1. Large banner ads at the top of the web page. These increase download time, leave less space for your content, promote a different website, irritate visitors, etc. and if a visitor clicks on the banner, they will be taken to a different website, possibly never to return.
2. Too many ads. Again, these increase download time, increase page clutter, decrease overall ad effectiveness, promote a different website, and the visitor gets annoyed. Try to keep ads to 2 to 3 at the maximum unless your site is geared specifically towards advertising revenue.
3. Too much content per page. If you have too much information per page, you’ll only confuse your visitor. Don’t try to cram everything on your home page. You should have only one main idea on the home page, then build the rest of your site around your sub points. If your site is an on-line store, promote no more than 5 or 6 of your “best deal” or most popular products on the homepage.
4. Poor or unrelated graphics. It’s better not to use any graphics at all than to use poor ones. The graphics you do use should draw your visitor’s eye to important parts of your website.
5. Reciprocal links to unrelated sites or sites of poor quality. Only have high quality reciprocal links with sites that are relevant to your site.
6. Links to other sites on your home page. Why offer your visitor the door when they’ve just arrived?
7. A web based search engine on your site. Again, do you really want your visitors to find information and links to other sites?

Here are some miscellaneous design mistakes as well as suggestions on how to fix them:
1. Poor Loading Time: Cut down on graphics, graphic size and unneeded HTML codes.
2. Animated Graphics, Bullets, Arrows, etc.: Animated graphics are annoying to many people. Cut back on their use.
3. Scrolling, Jumping Or Animated Text And Mouse Trails Anywhere: Scrolling, jumping and animated text as well as mouse trails are distracting and will annoy your
visitors. Don’t use them anywhere, even on the bottom status bar. Do you really want to distract your visitor from your content?
4. Multi-colored Text: Having every letter in a word a different color or using multiple colored text looks very unprofessional and will annoy your visitor. The majority of your text should be one color. Use no more than two additional colors to emphasize important words.
5. Text Is Difficult To Read: Use dark text against a light colored background for optimal viewing. Black text against a white background is best. Also be sure that the text is large enough to be readable but not too large and that the font is easy to read. Arial or Verdana are the easiest fonts to read on-line, 12 pixels is the best size.
6. Too Many Highlighted Words: Only highlight important words and phrases. Use only one color when highlighting. The most frequently used color for highlighting is yellow as yellow is the most eye attracting color.
7. Gaudy Or Distracting Backgrounds: Choose a subtle background color or background graphic for your website as the background should enhance your site, not distract from it. If your visitor notices your background or background color, it is not subtle enough.
8. Different Backgrounds On Every Page: You should use the same background on every page of your site.
9. Multiple Banners: Lots of banners on a single page looks very unprofessional and makes your visitor think your site is no better than a banner exchange.
10. Overall Appearance Of The Site Is Poor: If the website doesn’t look professional, no one will trust the product or want to purchase anything from the site.
11. ANY Spelling Or Grammatical Mistakes: Even one error makes the site look unprofessional.
12. No Contact Information: Your visitor won’t trust you if they have no way of contacting you with any problems.
13. Poor Content: You won’t be able to keep your visitor’s attention if the content on your site is poor or is poorly written.
14. Poor Navigation: Your visitor won’t be able to explore your site if they can’t navigate around it.
15. Broken Links: Your visitor will become frustrated if they click on a broken link.
16. Incompatible Browser: Test how your website looks in multiple browsers.
17. Loud Sound Set To Autoplay: Turn off the sound and give your visitor the option of playing it. If your visitor should decide to play your audio, the volume should be set loud enough to hear but not loud enough to be annoying.
18. Video Set To Autoplay: Give your visitor the option of playing video. Although video is a great marketing tool there are people who find it annoying.
19. Poor Use Of Mouse Over Effects: Only use mouse over effects if they add something to your site.

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