Starting An Internet Business: Choosing A Business Model

Decide on a business model based on your goals. While there are many business models, you business will probably follow one or more of these:
1. You will create your own products or services. If you really want to be successful, this is the most lucrative business model. This is also the business model that most successful marketers follow.

2. You will sell other people’s products or services. This is also known as affiliate marketing. Most marketers do some affiliate marketing to generate additional income.
Affiliate marketing is a good way to bolster your income while you create your own suite of products.

3. You will create membership sites where you offer various products and/or servicers for a monthly fee. Many marketers also include memberships in their overall business plan to generate recurring income.

4. You will create content sites that depend on advertisements such as Adsense for income. While you can make money only through Adsense, you will need many websites or blogs that attract a lot of visitors in order to make a significant amount of money with Adsense alone.
Many marketers also add products from Clickbank, Amazon, or similar sites to their content sites. However, you will need to follow the Terms of Service for each advertising network as some will not allow you to mix similar ads on the same webpage or website.

A blog is also considered a content site but since you are doing the posting, you can add recommendations in your posts or, at the end of an article, recommend a related product.

5. You will ship physical products. This could be an e-book shipped on DVD or even a multimedia course consisting of DVDs, worksheets, reports, etc.

Your business model may consist of more than one of these models. For example, you may write and sell e-books but also promote other marketer’s products as an affiliate. You may even have one or more membership sites, have a few content sites, and even sell physical products.

But, no matter what, you success will depend on you choosing the right business model(s) for your business.