So, You Want To Be An Internet Marketer?

You’ve read loads of stuff telling you that you can make tons of money practically overnight with barely any effort on your part. You know that you will be an instant success and you’re more than ready to adopt the Internet lifestyle. You envision yourself lying on a beach on some exotic tropical isle, sipping Pina Coladas as the money rolls in.

Well, I hate to burst you bubble but if it was that easy, don’t you think everyone would be an Internet marketer and everyone would be insanely rich? Sorry to say, life just doesn’t work that way. Like anything worthwhile, becoming a successful Internet marketer takes work, knowledge, and a lot of time. If you really want to succeed, you must be willing to give up some of the hours that you currently spend sleeping, with your family, or on leisure activities in order to free up enough time to work on your Internet business.

Even those “overnight successes” you hear about only became successful after months, more likely, years of hard work. You may never have heard of them before they exploded, seemingly overnight, onto the Internet marketing scene, but I guarantee 99.9% of these “overnight successes” have been working quietly in the background for years.

So, how do you prepare yourself so you have a better chance of becoming a successful Internet marketer?
• You will need to understand WHY 90% of all new Internet businesses fail in the first 120 days;
• You will need to develop the characteristics of an entrepreneur;
• You will need to change your mindset from employee to entrepreneur;
• You will need to follow the principles that lead to success;
• You will need to learn how to set up plans in order to reach your goals;
• You will need to learn how to leverage your resources;
• You will need to learn how to increase your credibility;
• You will need to build a list of contacts;
• You may want to find a mentor in order to shorten your learning curve;
• You’ll need to manage your time;
• You’ll especially need to stop procrastinating;
• You’ll need to stay motivated even if your efforts seem worthless;
• You will need to train yourself to work on your Internet business even if it means giving up time you would rather spend doing other things;
• You will need to stop purchasing every new “get rich quick” e-book and/or program that comes along;
• You will need to overcome information overload;
• And most importantly, you will need to take action.

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