Internet Marketing Success: Principles To Being A Successful Internet Marketer

Do you know that less than 1% of marketers actually do what is necessary to be highly successful? While most people say that they are prepared to do whatever it takes to be a success, in reality they won’t do what it takes to succeed. That’s because most people are looking for a “quick fix”. They want the fame and fortune that comes with being an Internet success but don’t want to put in the time and work involved in reaching that goal.

They believe that:
1. They can work very little and still make a lot of money.
2. If it’s not fun, they won’t need to do it.
3. They can get away with taking short cuts without affecting their financial return.
4. They make NO long term commitment but they expect short term results.
5. If they fail, it is always someone else’s fault.

While it is true that there are overnight successes, this is an extremely RARE occurrence and in reality, that overnight success has worked for months, maybe even years perfecting their product or method. It will take at least six months, sometimes years, before you will see any return from your efforts.

Here are a few principles you will need to follow to achieve on-line success:
1. There aren’t any shortcuts to success. Success is achieved through hard work and commitment.
2. You must be willing to make a long term commitment. Becoming an overnight success is very rare.
3. Only you are responsible for your actions. If something doesn’t work for you, try something else and keep trying until you find a way that does work.
4. Don’t ever give up. “Quit” is a four letter word and not one you want in your vocabulary.
5. You will need to make sacrifices in both time and money.
6. Watch your competitor. If he is a lot more successful than you, study what he is doing.
7. Don’t make your competitor your enemy. The competitor you alienate today may be someone you want to joint venture with tomorrow.
8. Always help others whenever you can as the person you help today may offer a helping hand to you in the future.
9. Learn to manage your time effectively by being productive, not just busy. This is one of the most overlooked aspects of building a successful Internet business.
10. The road to success is often rocky. Don’t expect things to always go smoothly.
11. Take action! You will never succeed unless you take that first step.

Steve Jobs, founder of Apple computers, was one of the most successful entrepreneurs of this generation. His principles of success are:
1. Do what you love to do.
2. Be different.
3. Do your best.
4. Analyze yourself and your business for strengths and weaknesses.
5. Be entrepreneurial.
6. Start small, think big.
7. Strive to become a market leader.
8. Focus on the outcome.
9. Look for feedback.
10. Innovate.
11. Learn from failures.
12. Learn continually.

George Bernard Shaw once said something like this:

“…the people who get on in this world are the people who get up and look for what they want. And if they can’t find it, they make it”.

YOU are the only one that can make yourself successful. You need to really want to be successful and be willing to work for it.


“Success is a journey, not a destination.” – Ben Sweetland

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