Internet Marketing Success: Making Plans and Setting Goals

People who are successful at anything usually work very hard to reach their goals. But these people don’t just randomly start working hard. They have set goals and made plans that are very specific and in order to be a successful Internet Marketer, you need to do the same.

What is the difference between a goal and a plan? A goal is what you want to accomplish, in other words, where you want to end up while a plan is how you are going to reach your goal.
For example, if your goal is to make a certain amount of money every day, you will need to make a plan to reach this goal. You need to make plans for how you’ll attract customers, what products you want to create, and even how you’ll create the products. You may plan on hiring someone to create your product or you may plan on creating the product yourself. You may plan on using pay per click (PPC) or e-zine advertisements to attract customers.

You want to always have a goal and always know what that goal is. So, no matter what your goal is, reaching it is just the beginning of another. You need a long term goal (5+ years), a mid-term goal (1-2 years), and several short term goals (6 months, 3 months, monthly, weekly and daily). While you need a long term goal so you know where you want to end up, don’t concentrate too much on reaching your long term goal. This could overwhelm you and distract you from the things you need to do each day in order to reach that goal.

You should set short terms goals so that you can reach a goal every few weeks or at least every few months. So if your long term goal is to make a million dollars a year, your short term goal should be to make a thousand dollars a month. Then your mid-term goal might be making five thousand dollars (or even more) a month, while your daily goal might be making a single sale!

While you need a goal, having a plan (or plans) is even more important as without a plan you will be unable to reach your goal. Plans are the actual steps you need to take in order to reach your goals. Without plans, you will never reach your goals and your goals will be nothing more than unrealized dreams.

Have a plan for every project you undertake. Then make a plan for what you need to do on a daily basis.

Goals and plans are your keys to success. But make sure that your goals are realistic. Having a goal of making a billion dollars in the next 3 months is unrealistic so your goal needs to be something that is attainable. Then make detailed plans that will allow you to reach your goals.

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