Internet Marketing Success: Self Discipline

While many people consider self- discipline as punishment, Webster’s definition of self-discipline is “Correction or regulation of oneself for the sake of improvement”. The difference between someone that’s successful and someone that isn’t, is that someone that is successful takes action immediately while unsuccessful people tend to procrastinate and avoid what needs to be done.

Everybody possesses either the knowledge or has access to the information and training required to be more prosperous. It’s not want of knowledge that causes anybody to fail; it’s their inability to employ self-discipline, to follow through and apply the ideas and to utilize the knowledge they already have. The information and the knowledge necessary to build a lucrative Internet business is readily available to everybody. What many people lack is the self-discipline to hone their “research” skills on the Internet, so they can find the information on-line. It requires self-discipline to switch off the TV, log onto the Internet and begin searching for information.

Then, it requires self-discipline to actually use the information they have found. It is so much easier to say, “I’m really exhausted tonight, I’ll start working on my Internet business tomorrow,” than it is to actually begin today. This is when you need to remember the old saying “Never put off until tomorrow what you can do today”. Although our brain tells us we need to take action; it is discipline that tells us to begin right now. We may have a plan to become more successful, but what we actually need is the self-discipline to act today.

It’s an established fact that the mind is most receptive early in the morning. It requires self-discipline to wake up earlier and to read or listen to audiotapes rather than sleeping another hour or two. It requires self-discipline to go to bed early enough so that you wake up and are alert in the early morning. It requires self-discipline to work on your Internet business when all your friends and family are putting demands on your time. And, it requires even more self-discipline to work on your business while all those around you are asking for your attention.

If you want to build a successful Internet business, you need to have self-discipline.

So, how can your discipline yourself for success?

  • Discipline your mind so that when you first wake up, you think about what you need to accomplish that day.  You will have fewer distractions and be      more productive.
  • Discipline yourself to use your time wisely. You’ll never get back any time you have squandered.
  • If there’s some part of your Internet business that you don’t like to do although it needs to be done, do it anyway.
  • If you tend to put certain things off, do them right away instead.
  • If you say you’re going to do something, DO IT.
  • Don’t say you will do something tomorrow instead of doing it today as more than likely you will find an excuse not to do it tomorrow either.
  • You should constantly be disciplining yourself if you want to be successful. As one famous author said, “Small differences in your performance can lead to large differences in your results”.


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