Internet Marketing Success: Keeping Motivated

Motivation is the driving force that initiates and directs behavior. In other words, motivation is a kind of internal energy which drives a person to take an action in order to achieve something. You must keep motivated in order to build a successful Internet business. Without motivation, you will not have the will to succeed.

Here are some ways that will help you to keep yourself motivated:

  • Face the consequences – If you don’t get your act together, how will you ever get what you want?
  • Reward yourself – By rewarding yourself whenever you reach a set goal, you will be motivated to work towards that goal.
  • Make detailed plans – If you want a specific result, set up specific instructions as how to get that result. You’ll work better if you know exactly what you need to do at any given time.
  • Set short and long term goals – Use both short and long term goals to guide you as to what actions you need to take.
  • Set deadlines – Many people are most productive right before a big deadline and may have a hard time focusing until that deadline is imminent. If this is you, set up a series of mini-deadlines for yourself.  Often, just having a deadline will keep you motivated so that you will complete the task before you reach the deadline.
  • Set challenges for yourself – Challenge yourself to complete a task within a certain amount of time that is less time than you usually devote to that task. For example, if it normally takes you 1 hour to write an article, challenge yourself to write the next article in 55 minutes, the next in 50 minutes, etc.  Not only will you be motivated to complete the article, but you will become more efficient in the process.
  • Be creative – Don’t expect everything to always go the way you plan.  Learn to be creative so that when something does not work, you are motivated to find a way that will.
  • Ask for constructive criticism – Often you won’t realize that you are doing something wrong.  Ask your mentor, mastermind group, or fellow Internet marketers for their input. Once you know you are doing something incorrectly, you will be motivated to improve.
  • Strive for constant improvement – Don’t stagnate.  Each time you accomplish a task, find a better way to do it next time.
  • Make it fun – Work is most enjoyable when it doesn’t feel like work at all. Let yourself have fun working and the positive environment will lead to better results.
  • Make it stimulating –Don’t do the same boring tasks every day. By changing what you do on a daily basis, you won’t dread doing those boring tasks quite as much.

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