Design Your Website To Reduce Download time

Studies have shown that visitors will become VERY impatient and may click away if they feel your website is taking too long to download.  Here are some ways to reduce the size of your website so that it loads faster.

  1. Your home page should download in 8 seconds or less. (The connection speed for 28.8 modem is 5.85kbps so it would take about 7 seconds to download a 40 kb website. PLEASE NOTE: This is the slowest modem for those using a dial-up service.  While most people in the US have a broadband connection, people in other countries may still have slower connections.) For more information about download speeds check out this whitepaper:
  2. Resize your graphics so that they load faster and are optimized for Internet use.   Resize your graphics using a graphics editor.  Do not resize your graphics by changing the height and width tags in your HTML code as this does NOT change the file size, just the dimensions.
  3. Always set image sizes in the image tags. Set both height and width tags for every graphic even if it is only 1 pixel. Including the dimensions of an image in the image tag <img> tells the browser downloading the image how much space to set aside. (To get the exact dimensions of an image, hover your mouse cursor over the image.) Also, the image will load AFTER the text downloads so it seems like your web page is downloading faster than it actually is.
  4. Delete repetitive HTML from your source code, especially style tags. You don’t need these tags repeated unless you change the font or font size.
  5. You may want to divide your web page into at least two tables. You could have a mini table at the beginning with your heading, logo, and 1-2 paragraphs, with the remainder of your page in another table. Include everything that appears “above the fold” in your mini table. The mini table will load first and your visitors will be able to start reading your sales copy or content while the remainder of your site loads.  If your sales page is very long, use more tables to break up the page into more sections.
  6. Don’t set table heights for your web pages as what is 3 inches in one browser, might be 6 inches in another. This prevents your pages from loading more than once in some browsers.
  7. Don’t use all of the 8 bit colors (216 web safe colors) for simple graphics. Try to use only the 16 named colors for these.
  8. Try to only use the safe, 8 bit color palette (216 total) instead of the 16 bit  4,096 total) or 32 bit (16,777,216 total) palette. Most of the safe colors display accurately on all browsers and using more colors increases your download time. If you use photographs on your site, this won’t be possible as photographs contain far more than 216 colors.

How To Succeed In Internet Marketing

Some people just want to complicate Internet Marketing. How about we make it simple? Here are 3 things I recommend you focus on to succeed in I.M.

NLP 101: Power of your voice
NLP is not just about the words you use, but also about when,
where, and how those words are delivered. One of the most powerful
tools you have in that delivery is your voice.

NLP 101: Stop children. What’s that sound?
You know how important the quality of your voice is in
delivering those well crafted words. Now, let’s talk about some of the
aspects of your voice that make it or break it.

NLP 101: Stop again children. Even more sounds!
Rediscover some more aspects to your voice that can improve
your communications, if you are using them well.

NLP 101: Don’t use that (tonality) with me mister!
Another quick check to determine if you’re using your voice
well. This time it’s about tonality and what you are communicating
non-verbally by how you end a sentence.

One Response to Design Your Website To Reduce Download time

  1. CarolSmith says:

    I was totally surprised some time ago when I began checking the html coding for my pages. There was so much unnecessary codes. Some of this came, I am sure, from changing my mind on the WYSIWYG page. My problem is to be very careful so that I don’t delete necessary code.