Design Your Website To Grab Your Visitor’s Attention

You need to grab the attention of your visitors within the first few seconds of their arrival on your site so that they stay and explore your site further.

Here are some suggestions:
1. Your logo and header graphics should communicate what your website is about.
2. Use words and phrases in your headline that will attract the curiosity of your visitors.
3. Don’t use words that tend to discourage the attention of your visitor.
4. Keep your headline short and concise.
5. In your headline, use the main keyword or keyword phrase used to optimize that particular page. Some visitors reached your website by searching on that particular word or phrase. If you use it in your headline, they are more likely to further explore your site.
6. Use a different font for your headline. Georgia or Tahoma would be good fonts to use.
7. Use a larger font for your headline to attract the eye of your visitor.
8. Use a different color for your headline than for your content.  Dark blue or red works well for headlines.  Use black for your content.
9. Studies show that black text on a white background is best and the easiest on your visitors’ eyes.  Don’t put your content on a patterned, busy, or colored background as doing so tends to distract your visitor.

Here are some suggestions for the remainder of your content.
1. Use a different color font to emphasize important words or sentences.
2. Highlight keywords and phrases. Yellow works best.
3. Use a slightly larger font for important sentences.
4. At low resolutions such as those for a computer screen, it is easier to read small text in a sans serif font such as Arial or Verdana.
5. Capitalize important single words or phrases. Do not capitalize whole sentences.
6. Use common, everyday words which are easily understood.
7. Do not use abbreviations. Not all of your visitor’s will understand what an abbreviation stands for.
8. Do not use slang. The Internet is worldwide which means you may get visitirs from different countries and/or cultures with no idea at all what a slang word means.
9. Keep your sentences simple.
10. Your paragraphs should contain from 3 to 5 sentences and no more than this.
11. Studies have shown that it is more difficult to read from a computer monitor than it is from a printed page. Since your visitor will read about 25% slower, keep your paragraphs and sentences as short as possible.
12. Use graphics to emphasize a particular section of your content. For example, use an image of a book cover when promoting an e-book.
13. Avoid using animation. Most people find animation annoying as well as distracting. In addition, your visitors’ eye will constantly be drawn away from your content and towards the animation. Do you want your visitor looking at the animation or at your sales message? EXCEPTION: If your site is a content site, you may want to use animated banners for products or services you are promoting on that site.

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  1. CarolSmith says:

    These are excellent points. They would be good to have as checklists on a print out beside your computer while designing a new site. Check them off one by one. If not there, go back and fix it.