Internet Marketing Success: Overcoming Information Overload

January 25, 2012

Did you know that since the beginning of civilization until 2003, 5 exabytes (EB) of information was created? Just think about how much information that is; 1 EB= 1073741824 GB. That’s over 1 billion GBs! Did you know that nowadays, that same amount of information (5 EB or over 5 billion GBs) is created every 48 hours? No wonder you are constantly being bombarded with more information than you can possibly ever process, resulting in information overload.

According to Wikipedia, the general causes of information overload include:
• A rapidly increasing rate of new information being produced
• The ease of duplication and transmission of data across the Internet
• An increase in the available channels of incoming information (e.g. telephone. Email, instant messaging, RSS,etc.)
• Large amounts of information to dig through
• Contradictions and inaccuracies in available information
• A lack of a method for comparing and processing different kinds of information
• The pieces of information are unrelated or do not have any overall structure to reveal their relationships

Every day multiple new products are launched with sales letters written to entice you to purchase this latest, greatest marketing program or that e-book. How many of these products have you purchased? And, how many are collecting virtual dust on your hard drive?

And if you do read every product you purchase, you will find that this product says to do this while another product says you need to do that in order to be successful. No wonder you become bogged down with information overload.

So the first thing you need to do to overcome information overload is to stop buying every new product that comes along. Before purchasing any product, ask yourself if you will use the product within the next two days. If the answer is no, then chances are you will never use it.

This also includes “free” reports you have downloaded. Usually in order to receive one of these reports, you need to join someone’s list. Will you read that report within 48 hours? Do you need to join yet another list? If the answer is no, do you really need another report taking up space on your hard drive?

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Internet Marketing Success: Avoid Get Rich Quick Promises

January 25, 2012

If you have been thinking of starting an on-line business, you’ve probably already seen ads, sales pages and emails promoting numerous ways that you can become filthy rich practically overnight, with little or no work involved. Well, if it was as easy as what these marketers claim, everybody would be doing it and everybody would be rich!

Most of these are scams and the only one that makes any money off of these is the scammer. Again, remember the old saying “If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is”. Before deciding on an on-line opportunity, be sure to do some research before parting with your hard-earned money.

Here are some things you may want to check:
1. Does the company have a proven track record? Search for the URL and the product name in Google. Are they listed? Is the author/creator known?
2. What are people saying about the product or service? Search a couple of popular forums for feedback. If you find a lot of negative feedback, you will want to pass.
3. Are there any testimonials on the sales letter? Are there any testimonials by well know Internet marketers? Do the testimonials include a picture and URL? Is there a way to contact the person who gave the testimonial? If you see only a name, the testimonial may not be legitimate.
4. Is there any contact information available? If you have a problem, you will want to be able to contact someone who can answer your questions. Be leery if NO contact information is available. Even f there is contact information available, you will want to check it out. Just because there is a link to a support desk does not mean that support desk is active
5. Are you paying to sell their product? If you must pay for the “privilege” of selling someone’s product, that may be how the company stays in business. They KNOW you are not going to sell much and therefore they want their money up front.
6. Are you being provided with a website as well as product(s)? While this may sound like an excellent opportunity, how many others are trying to sell the SAME product, using the SAME website? Chances are very slim that you will make any money at all.

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Internet Marketing Success: Training Yourself For Success

January 23, 2012

If you want to be a successful Internet marketer, you need to be creative. But in order to be creative, you need to first believe that you are creative. If you tell yourself that you are not creative, then you won’t be because you’ve convinced yourself that you don’t “have a creative bone in your body”. But training yourself to be creative is no different from training yourself to do anything.

You need to learn techniques that will help you develop creative thoughts and then you need to practice these techniques. At the same time, you must keep your mind open to numerous ideas even if some of them seem ridiculous.

So how do you train your mind to be creative?

1. You need to listen instead of just hearing – Listening and hearing are two different things. Listening is when you pay attention to what is being said instead of just hearing words. It is important to listen to your customers and prospects in order to create products they want and will therefore purchase.

2. Brainstorming – Brainstorming is a great way to generate creative ideas. To brainstorm, get a piece of paper and write down whatever comes to mind. If nothing pops into your brain, write that down too. Keep writing down every thought you have no matter what it is. Then go back and expand on each thought. If you do this for thirty minutes every day, you will find that your creative juices flow easier over time.

3. Join a mastermind group – One reason to join a mastermind group is so that you can bounce ideas off one another which will create even more ideas.

4. Replace the negative with a positive – Whenever you want to do something but you think you can’t, write down what you think you can’t do. Then write down three or more reasons why and how you can do it. Before long, your brain will be trained to think positively.

5. Always be prepared – Keep a pen and notepad with you at all times. Whenever an idea pops into your mind, write it down.

6. Constantly learn about new things – You mind will naturally think about new things you learn which may trigger creative thoughts. So the more things you learn about, the more creative you will become.

7. Analyze your competition – Look at what your competition is doing. You may get an idea on how to improve on what it is they are doing differently than you.

8. Evaluate yourself – Write down all of your weaknesses. Then write down how you can overcome them.

9. Always ask questions – When you are not in a creative state of mind, look at the problem and ask questions in order to solve it. You may want to ask yourself what you can change, what needs to be changed and why, how to change it, etc.

10. Exercise your brain – Exercise your brain by solving crossword puzzles, doing brain tease puzzles such as Sudoku puzzles, etc.

11. Exercise your body – If your mind is in a fog, go for a 15 minute walk. Your mind will clear and be open to new ideas.

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Internet Marketing Success: Finding A Mentor

January 18, 2012

One of the quickest ways to success is to become a mentoree of a successful Internet marketer. The mentor has been through the growing pains associated with an Internet business so s/he will be able to guide you. Since s/he has already made all of the mistakes, s/he can help you to avoid making the same mistakes yourself.

S/he has the wisdom that comes from experience to point out pitfalls and to help direct you toward the better of the choices you face.

Why, you ask, would anyone who has it made want to take their time to help a newbie succeed? The ones who are the very most successful are the ones, amazingly enough, who are the most likely to mentor an up and coming e-entrepreneur.

Of course, these successful internet marketers are not going to be interested in wasting their time on a person who has not already worked hard to lay the first cornerstone themselves.

These potential mentors are looking for new comers who show that they have a right and healthy mindset, who are working hard at leveraging and who are well aware of how important it is to know all the players and the RIGHT people.

It short, the new comer most likely to get a mentor is one who is already working hard and helping himself and not looking for someone who can just smooth the way for him.

Choose a mentor that will actually work with you. There are services available that “say” they will help you for a fee of thousands of dollars but what you will get is an empty wallet. These services usually offer the help of a paid employee who has not seen any success at all.
So before handing over thousands of dollars, ask what you will get for your money and who will do the actual mentoring.

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Internet Marketing Success: Building A List Of Contacts

January 17, 2012

Remember the old saying: “It is not what you know but who you know that counts” and that is true in Internet marketing too. From the very start of your Internet business, you will want to begin building relationships with other Internet marketers, especially those who have businesses similar to and/or complementary to your own business.

No matter how long you have been an Internet marketer, be it one day or 10 years, you need to continually work hard at establishing relationships with other marketers. You need other people in order to succeed.

Your list of contacts should include:

• Mentors – These are successful Internet marketers who can guide you and help you make critical business decisions. They can play a critical role in your business. Mentors may or may not charge a fee for advising you.

• Successful Internet marketers you know well – These are marketers that you can bounce ideas off of, ask questions of, and contact for help. These are people who understand what you are trying to do and the problems you are facing doing it.

• Internet marketers you are friends with – These may or may not be successful Internet marketers but they are people you know more than just casually. You may find your JV Partners in this group.

• JV Partners – This group of Internet marketers will help you when you launch a new product or service. In most cases the marketers in this group will be your best affiliates. Usually you will offer a JV Partner something that you do not offer your regular affiliates such as a higher commission.

• Your affiliates – These are the people that will promote your products and services for a commission. To be successful, you need people to help you promote your products so it is never too early to start building your army of affiliates.

• Contacts – This group includes Internet marketers you know casually, customers, prospects, and anyone else you may have a business relationship with. This group also includes those who provide you with professional services such as your graphic designer.

• Confidants – These are people who may or may not be Internet marketers but they are people who will stand behind you. When you fall, they will encourage you to get your act together and to get back on track. These may be people in your mastermind group.

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